As I look around at a few of my favorite public art objects in Oak Park, I started with this list. These are items I see most every day as I make my way around Oak Park.  What about you? What are your favorite spots in our area? They have to be public (well, you can see them from public property), created by a person versus nature, and give you a happy shot of pleasure every time you see them.

  • Mosaic on Terra Incognito – This gorgeous mosaic greets visitors as they drive down Chicago Avenue. It makes me happy every time I see it.
  • Viaduct Mosaic at OPRF Track (plus 2 details) – Continuing on the mosaic theme (can you tell I like shiny bits?), I’ve always loved this expansive mosaic decorating the viaduct. Ugly and beautiful side by side. I just took up walking on the track, and can now admire the mosaic up close. The 3-dimensional tiles are really worth a closer look.
  • Viaduct Paintings at Oak Park Avenue – I think this project is the coolest. Each panel is painted by a different artist. These two panels especially work for me.
  • “Wonder” by Margot McMahon at Beye Elementary (plus detail) – Beye School has several of Margot’s sculptures. This one was created with a 2nd-grade class.
  • Morava Stained Glass Sign on Harrison Street – I know the red “razor” Arts District signs are supposed to be the entry points to the District, but really I view this sign as the best welcome of all. The rich colors of this work of art advertise Peter Morava’s artistry brilliantly.
  • Stained Glass on South Blvd at Oak Park Avenue – Another work of Peter Morava (and no, he’s not paying me to write this). I love this contemporary, beautiful work. And imagine my surprise when I found out one of the panels is the window in the Marion Street Cheese Market bathroom! Some bathroom, eh?
  • Fountain Downspout at a Residential Home in River Forest – My fellow walker and I saw this one the other day. It’s so organic and yet still functional.
  • First United’s Labryinth – This labryinth is a great gift to people in Oak Park seeking a bit of tranquility. Located on the church’s lawn at the corner of Lake Street and Kenilworth Avenue, it is “a circle and spiral combined into a meandering but purposeful path.”
  • Residential Asian-Inspired Garden – A few blocks from my house, this front yard Asian-inspired garden is such a change from most Oak Park gardens — serene and simple. 

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