First reported 5/21/2009 9:39 p.m.

A judge in Maybrook Court ordered two Oak Park teens held on $200,000 bond for the battery and attempted robbery of a 14-year-old Oak Park boy the night of May 19 in Barrie Park.

Robert L. Gholston, 19, of the 6100 block of Roosevelt Road, and Hughvon Polk, 17, of the 1000 block of S. Oak Park Avenue, are charged with attempted robbery and aggravated battery for striking the 14-year-old on the head with a bottle. A third teen, a boy from Lyons, faces the same charges and is in juvenile detention. Gholston and Polk were also charged with vehicular burglary.

Detective Commander Len Jorgenson said officers responded to a call of a car burglary in progress in the 1100 block of S. Taylor shortly before midnight Tuesday. When police pulled into the alley, three people in the car ran away. Polk was arrested immediately. Gholston was apprehended a few minutes later. The third person wasn’t immediately found.

As officers were placing Gholston under arrest, a report of a robbery and battery in Barrie Park came in over the radio. Officers noted the similar descriptions in both cases, and conducted what’s called a street show-up, during which the battery victim identified Gholston. Polk, who had already been taken to the station, was identified in a formal lineup the next day. On Wednesday, police arrested the other teen at a school in Des Plaines.

The 14-year-old boy was treated at a hospital for minor injuries and released.

In January, Gholston was found guilty of a single charge of robbery after robbery and aggravated battery charges for incidents in May and October 2008 were consolidated in a superceding indictment. He was sentenced to 18 months conditional discharge.

In the May 2008 incident, a boy on the 300 block of Garfield was punched and his iPod was stolen. In that case, Gohlston was arrested along with four other Oak Park teens.

In the October incident, an Oak Park boy was pushed to the ground on the 800 block of Highland; his cellphone and iPod were stolen. In that case, Gholston was arrested with two other Oak Park teens.

On Feb. 23, Polk, an Oak Park and River Forest High School student, was found guilty of criminal trespass and sentenced to two years court supervision.

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