Colette Lueck has been touted as someone who can be trusted – someone who listens and cares and has innovative ideas. Sounds good, but they must be describing someone else. Lueck’s professional experience dealing with children with mental health problems seems to have lead her to believe that anyone who disagrees with her is either childish or has something wrong with them.

As to innovative ideas, given Oak Park’s recent past, her propensity to pour more concrete can hardly be termed innovative. Lueck is a parrot for those who seek to make Oak Park look more like a major city than what it is – a village. Yes, we need development, but development does not necessarily require 14 or more stories. Development should not mean an automatic laundry list of variances that dehumanize our village. Oak Park is a village where people live. The fundamental goal of our village leaders should be to maintain and improve the livability of our village – to make this a better place for people, not bricks.

My vote will go to the candidates who will represent the people of Oak Park , not the developers. My vote will go to Jonas, Patchak-Layman, Samuels, Franklin and Schwab, the It Takes a Village slate.

Kimberly Werner
Oak Park

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