One of the great things about Emerson, which is now the Gwendolyn Brooks behemoth, was that a large percentage of the kids in those days stayed from kindergarten through eighth grade. I was one of those fortunate ones, graduating in 1969.

A few memories to start yours rumbling?.even if you weren’t a classmate. Think about those days for a moment.

– Fear. Absolute fear when you had to sing a solo in front of those turquoise curtains in the auditorium.

– Turquoise. Railings, decorations, as far as I remember.

– The big windows that you ALWAYS gazed out when you were supposed to be learning Spanish in Mrs. Fitanto’s class.

– The time with the grasshopper in science class?it got away and whoa that was fun.

– Wonderful Mrs. Allaway.

– Playing every game ever invented before school and during recess on those four big playgrounds that no longer exist.

– That impossibly cute assistant principal, Mr. Morelli.

– Getting sent to Mr. Morelli’s office when I didn’t do my Spanish.

– The crossing guards ?#34; Maria on Washington and the pretty blonde lady at Madison and Kenilworth.

– Those dances in the gym when all the boys zoomed over to Yvonne Seng.

– My friends Susie Smidl, Cindy Stewart, Lori Kasper, Debbie Lugai and other wonderful girls.

– Mr. Frame. Good old Mr. Frame.

– Graduation ?#34; singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Looks like some of us may be trying to contact classmates from that time to see if there’s any interest in getting together. Maybe a couple of classes before and after as well. Were you there? Email me!

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