I write in strong support of the OPRF school board candidate, Ralph Lee, Ph.D., former OPRF High School teacher and longtime resident of Oak Park.

Ralph values three priorities of mine and I hope of the high school: academic achievement for all students, a disciplined all-school environment for learning and growing into adulthood, and financial stewardship aimed toward the academic priorities.

Ralph is an African-American and knows well the problems of the gap in achievement at OPRF. He has concrete ideas for diminishing that gap for the greater common good. Ralph understands the necessity of all adults acting and receiving respect for the necessary disciplined atmosphere of an academic institution. He also has the financial acumen necessary for interpreting the OPRF budget issues, borne of long experience in finances at Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Ralph will make an important and strong addition to the District 200 Board of Education.

Mary Rose Lambke, Oak Park

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