Years ago the speaker of the House was Tip O’Neil
And he was known now and then to wheel and deal
“Most politics are local,” he would say,
It was true then, and is still true today

And yet, a fact we must recognize and really note,
The last four elections drew less than 30 percent of the vote
But our VMA candidates are going to change this now
That’s Citizens for Progressive Action’s vow

We’ve selected four highly qualified candidates
When you meet them, you’ll agree they have the desired traits
Ray Johnson served on the board since 2003,
He offered respect, participation, thoughtfulness, and civility

The next brings class, enthusiasm, and clear-thinking to the slate
A member of our Community Relations Commission, Jan Pate

Plan Commissioner, co-founder of Forum Oak Park, this guy will never fail,
To advocate for all Oak Parkers–John Hale

John Hedges has served our village for 26 years
And he looks forward now to serving as trustee with his three peers

So let’s get Oak Park moving again, what do you say?
Elect the great candidates from the CPA!

Doug Wyman, Oak Park

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