Tax breaks and budget cuts to local schools and programs are forcing local and state government to look for more money from you and me.

Senate Bill 750, sponsored by Rev. Meeks, proposed to the state legislature last session, would not only increase income tax but establish new taxes on services. Currently, we are not paying tax on the labor of plumbers, carpenters, lawyers, private detectives, dentists, doctors, etc. This could begin to change when this bill returns in the next session. The reason given for this proposed change is to give relief on property taxes and fund education.

Today I received the parking rate increase proposal of Oak Park. It will soon cost $1 each time you park at a meter in Oak Park. That means pick-up the cleaning, add $1; pick-up dinner, add $1; run in to Sears Pharmacy to pick up prescription, add $1; pick-up milk at Pan’s grocery, add $1. Service vehicles will have to add to your bill to cover this new cost of doing business as they go from job to job. This is a change from 25 cents per stop. Why not just tell all the small businesses to get out of town, instead of making customers angry before they even come to our stores?

The middle class squeeze is squeezing tighter in 2007. Happy New Year.

Kathy Zaniolo
Resident and owner of PHS Locksmiths

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