Photo by David M. Goldman/

It doesn’t matter where you go,

you’re going to hear some music.

In places when you’re feeling low,

or happily buying a tunic.

There’s shopping tunes at the grocery store,

Dental music so you come back for more.

Eerie notes to make scary films scary,

And holy chords when the soul is weary.

But the best songs of all are the ones you sing,

When you take a breath and let your voice ring.

OK, full disclosure: I wrote this poem because I sing in the Sounds Good Choir. But I didn’t know how to end it. If you’re not doing anything on Dec. 11, come to our free concert at Pilgrim Congregational Church, 460 Lake St., Oak Park at 4 p.m. We love to sing, and we especially love to sing for you.

Happy Holidays.

Val Gee
Oak Park

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