A vote for Carl Bade and Mike Grant is a vote to preserve our park green space and put two residents on the board who will represent all of our community.

If you look on the River Forest Park District website, you will see four plans the Park Board is considering to add two platform tennis courts and a paddle hut in Keystone Park. Three of the four plans move the tennis courts or batting cages within feet of Lake Street. The plans will add significant debt that platform tennis fees simply will not pay for. 

These plans take away green space and replace it with more asphalt, chain link fencing and tennis court lights. The batting cage height is 16 feet. In plan, the 16-foot chain link fence would be very close to the Lake Street sidewalk. 

My understanding is that these plans are being driven by a small group of platform tennis members who have taken over the board, one of whom is up for re-election. Paving over and installing chain link fence closer to Lake Street will take up precious green space and could hurt property values nearby. Each plan costs more than the next.

Carl Bade and Mike Grant have promised not to support projects that pave over green space at significant expense. They recognize the Park District Community Survey results that list the most important park amenity for our residents is to preserve its green, open space.

Dan Shea, River Forest

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