They sneak in the midnight stealth of night,
Or burst with joy in wakeful delight,
Dragged from a memory of upset and sorrow,
Or flown from a beauteous dream of tomorrow.

Sometimes it seems that no one’s in charge,
A mind kidnapped by strangers at large,
Brain cells and neurons firing at will,
Networks of pathways ready to fill,
With stories of guilt, we cannot let go,
Of tragic events we want others to know,
That repeat and repeat and repeat forever,
Making bad things worse and a future that never,
Can get beyond what has happened before,
Searing actions into personal law.

But harken, the neuroscientists say,
We can change our thoughts, there is a way,
Get up and out of that comfort zone,
Lock up the TV, get off that phone,
Have a routine that includes meditation,
Seriously, they say it can change a nation.
Go for a walk, read a book, hum a tune,
Sing in the shower, it’s such a boon.
Laugh and have fun even when things seem gloomy,
There’s plenty of time to spend in your roomy.
Agreed that last line does not make sense,
But why make everything so intense?

At the end of life’s journey no one will care,
If we broke a dish or tripped on a stair,
It’s easy to think we could have done better,
Followed the good path to the letter,
But we’re human, my friend, and that’s amazing,
Let gratitude swell and always be praising,
The way we endure in the face of life’s cruelty,
Day after day fulfilling our duty.

Next time a thought bomb explodes in your mind,
Be sweet to yourself — to yourself be kind.
Think of a better feeling thought,
Be your best coach, give a good report,
You’ve done so well and come so far,
You’ve oft had the courage to raise the bar.
Let’s wear our masks at a safe social distance,
Guiding our thoughts to peaceful coexistence.

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