Meet Super Hero Molly Svec!

Molly owns Spilt Milk in Oak Park which employs 9 people.

 What does your business do?

We are a bakery specializing in homemade pies and pastries. We take pride in baking everything from local and seasonal sources whenever possible!

What is “super” about your business?  Why is it special?

When we opened Spilt Milk, we knew we wanted to do things differently. Product quality is of the utmost importance to us, and we never compromise on using the best ingredients to ensure our pies and pastries are the BEST you can get in Oak Park!  We also pride ourselves on the atmosphere of our business…we really want people to feel like they are at home when they visit our bakery.  From the homemade food they eat, to the comfortable and casual atmosphere, to feeling like we are really a friend welcoming them into our “home”.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My husband Adrian and I both work at the bakery, but when we are not at work we love to cook and garden, and spend time with our family! Adrian especially loves growing things in the garden (some of this even finds its way into our recipes at Spilt Milk!). We’re also going to be welcoming our first baby this fall…so we’re getting ready for that new adventure, as well!

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?

Hmmm…maybe the ability to eat without ever feeling full!?

Why did you choose to invest in our community?

My sister (and co-owner) Meg lives in Oak Park, so we were already familiar with the area. The business community here was incredibly welcoming and helpful when we were starting our business. This is our first brick-and-mortar shop, so it really helped to have a supportive business community available to assist us and help make sure everything ran smoothly while we got up and running. We couldn’t be more thrilled to call Oak Park our home!

What local organizations have you been able to support in the past?

We love being able to give back, and almost always say “yes” to donation requests! We’ve supported many fundraisers for area schools. We also sponsored a softball team this summer (go Sox!), and are sponsoring a soccer team in the fall.  We also held a fundraiser at our shop at the beginning of this year for the ACLU…it was a letter-writing campaign, and we also took donations.  We were able to raise several thousand dollars for the ACLU during this event.  We feel very blessed that we’re able to give back.

 What’s the weirdest thing you sell or offer? Or have their been any odd customer requests?

I have always thought it’s odd when people specifically request the end piece of banana bread…I thought that was only ME who liked the ends!! Other than that, we have had some unusual (but delicious!) pie flavors…most recently was our matcha mint pie with chocolate cookie crust…it was SOOOO good, but definitely unusual!

Name three of your favorite local businesses (besides yourself, of course!)

Oh man, just three!? Our whole family loves The Heritage in Forest Park…we actually did mother’s day brunch there this year. So tasty! Since Adrian and I are expecting, I also have to say we have been spending a ton of time at Gepetto’s Toy Box…we got our daughter an adorable hot air balloon decoration from there for her nursery. Third, I would have to say The Beer Shop because they are dog friendly! We love going there with my sister and her husband and their pup.

Visit Molly Svec at Spilt Milk

103 S. Oak Park Ave. Oak Park

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This Super Hero profile was created on August 8, 2017  

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