Karen Taubman

River Forest Township Trustee Candidate

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*EDITOR’S NOTE: Candidates submitted their own biographies

Trustee Karen Taubman has lived in River Forest since 1992. She and her husband, Eric, have three sons, who attended River Forest public schools and OPRF High School. Karen has been involved with the Township since she was elected Clerk in 2013. She was elected a Trustee position in April, 2017 and is running for re-election in April, 2021. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, travel, reading, and home projects; and staying active through walking, biking, and yoga.


How can the township increase awareness of its services?

Given our limited financial resources of about 1% of property tax, I believe the most efficient way to continue to partner and collaborate with numerous agencies and taxing bodies to launch initiatives, projects, and programs

What can you do to convince local government bodies to renew support of the Youth Interventionist Program? Do you believe that support be renewed? 

A significant number of youth experience mental health and behavioral challenges. Given that the pandemic will undoubtedly exacerbate need, this is the time to provide the best resources to support them, as early identification and invention will be critical over the next months/years. 

Should discussion of merging Oak Park Township with village government be ended and why?

I believe in the value of Townships and the human services we provide. The Township adds value to the community at a relatively low cost, and the Township does not duplicate services with other taxing bodies, so I hope talks of mergers will end. 

What service areas are in need of expansion?

River Forest’s senior population is growing. The mental health needs of all age groups are increasing.

How do you plan to expand these areas and fund the expansion?

The Township needs to adapt to meet these needs. Township revenue from property taxes is not likely to increase. We need to continue to work smarter and expand our partnerships with local agencies and taxing, to prioritize which need are most important to the community.

What outcome do you wish to see for the remaking of the River Forest Community Center? 

Given the high cost and numerous drawbacks of the various options provided, I hope we terminate further action on this project. Thus, allowing the RFCC to stay in the RFCCA Building. We need to begin making feasible renovations and upgrades that have been put on hold the past few years since the RFCCA Building Project began. 

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