Gregory White

Oak Park Township Clerk Candidate

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*EDITOR’S NOTE: Candidates submitted their own biographies

Greg has served as Township Clerk since first elected in 1997. He has lived in Oak Park since 1975 and is an active member of St. Edmund Parish. He received a Masters in Education Degree in Human Development & Learning from DePaul University and retired from a 40-year junior high teaching career with the Archdiocese of Chicago. As Clerk, Greg is responsible for the safekeeping of all Township records and the filing of important Toownship documents with the County and the State as required. He also serves as the Township’s Freedom of Information and Open Meetings Officer. As Clerk, he also assists citizens and civic groups with voter registration. He looks forward to assisting the public with Township information and services in the coming term.


How do you intend to increase access to public records and information for the public and what does transparency mean to you?

Public records are available upon request, and most without a FOIA request. I e-mail many of the requests received, and our website has greatly improved accessibility to public information. Transparency to me is the ability to inquire and observe clearly the operations and actions of a unit of government. 

Do you believe all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and responses should be made publicly available on the township website and why?

I do not believe it would be a service. Many of the requests are not pertinent to many citizens, and would add additional size, and space. The website should have general and user-friendly information of relevance to all in the community.

What do you want to accomplish as clerk and why are you motivated to pursue reelection?

I want to continue to maintain Township records in an efficient manner for public and staff utilization; assist the community with improved voter information procedures; and to be part of the Township’s overall mission of quality service to Oak Park citizens.

Reflecting on your previous tenure as clerk, of what accomplishments are you most proud of and how can you expand upon those accomplishment?

Voter registration procedures have greatly improved over the years, allowing citizens to register online and also assisting the homebound and handicapped. We have streamlined record keeping and are usually able to provide citizens with quick responses to inquiries electronically. Collaboration with staff is important for efficient delivery of Township services. Also, I have performed the duties of my office with a frugal budget and have ended every fiscal year under estimated budget amounts.

How do you intend to increase engagement between citizens and the township clerk?

More information is posted on our website and continued public information through newspapers and local publications. I recently assisted with phone inquiries for seniors and caregivers wanting to register for COVID vaccines and related information.

Why is transparency in government important and what does transparency mean to you?

A responsible and efficient government should be transparent in its operations, accountable to taxpayers who support local governments. Citizens should be able to access information on the workings and accomplishments of their government, and also have easy access to government related programs and information.

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