It's John McCain who's stuck in the past, Virginia


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Todd Bannor, One View

How ironic to read Virginia Seuffert's column claiming Barack Obama's policy proposals are a rehash of the past [Viewpoints, Sept. 3] on the day of John McCain's acceptance speech.

Sorry, Virginia, it's Sen. McCain who is stuck in the past, not Barack Obama. Sen. McCain and his running mate offered ordinary Americans nothing new. They trotted out the same tired old Republican attacks belittling their opponent because they have nothing to offer the country except their negativity, including insults of every person involved in community service in this country. They can't win on the issues, so they are doing and will do everything possible to distract ordinary Americans from the issues.

Ms. Seuffert takes issue with Sen. Obama voting against the so-called, "Illinois Born Alive Protection Act." What she doesn't tell you is that Illinois already has a law on the books requiring doctors to provide medical care in the unlikely event a living and viable fetus results from an abortion. She also doesn't mention that the proposed legislation mandates life support for any aborted fetus, whether viable or not. Several Republican state senators voted with Sen. Obama against this dangerous legislation. Abortion is a moral issue and one should look to one's faith on how to approach it. One should not try to impose the views they derive from their faith by passing intrusive legislation that allows the state to tell someone what they can or can't do with their own body, which was the ultimate goal of this law.

Ms. Seuffert throws the phrase "ordinary Americans," around quite freely in her column, which makes her snide remark about "picking the taxpayers' pockets" in order to adequately fund public schools ridiculous. Sen. Obama will, in fact, give tax breaks to the middle class-you know, ordinary Americans. Sen. Obama may raise taxes on the wealthy, depending on economic conditions. The last time someone did this, it resulted in eight years of prosperity in which the rich, middle class and the poor all did better and there was a budget surplus. Where is that surplus now? Even the richest man in the world, Warren Buffet, thinks the wealthy need to pay more.

In addition to adequately funding public schools, President Obama will require more accountability from schools and teachers. This goes hand in hand with increased funding and will result in better schools.

On the health care issue, it is interesting that Ms. Seuffert seems afraid of having one bureaucracy manage health care rather than the incredibly inefficient multiple bureaucracies we now have. Our current system is broken and is a huge waste of money. It is also anti-small business and discourages entrepreneurs from venturing out on their own.

Every other developed nation, not just Canada, has some form of national health care. They spend less money and have better outcomes than we do and are rapidly becoming better places to do business, since business doesn't have to bear the cost of employee health care.

You often hear our friends on the right say the United States has the best health care system in the world. This is simply bunk. We're actually not even in the top 10 or 20. We're number 37 according to the World Health Organization. What country is on top? France, with an efficient national health care system that allows physicians to make all treatment decisions and also allows private insurers to administer public funds. On a per capita basis, the French system costs half as much as ours.

Over 40 million people in this country don't have health insurance. Are they all irresponsible, Ms. Seuffert?

Democrats need to work very hard to elect Barack Obama to the presidency because the race is close and as Will Rogers once said, "The Republicans always look bad three years out of four. But the year they look good is election year. A voter don't expect much. If you give him one good year he is satisfied."

Yep, satisfied and then really sorry.

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