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Barbara Wunder

Some highlights from that very strange year of hippies and assassinations:

- There was a little store on Marion and South Blvd. called "Treasure Trove" or something like that. It was my favorite place to shop for the hippest items ever. I spent grand chunks of my allowance on big paper flowers, incense and burners, cute cards, and other signs of the times. And I seem to remember lots of candy sticks for sale. It's kind of a colorful, fragrant blur in my mind. (Well, that was the '60s...)

- Basement and slumber parties. Cindy and David Stewart's surprise party, the Meegan twins' slumber party, Susie Smidl's party. And get-togethers involving wonderful girls like Kathy McCarthy, Anne-Marie O'Connor, Jean Gavard and Karen Williams who are also pleasant memory blurs.

- The unbelievable wallpaper for sale that year. Mom let me pick out what I wanted for my bedroom. Black and white houndstooth. Yeah baby. Put out a bunch of huge orange and yellow paper flowers and you've got a little corner of Haight-Ashbury.

- Speaking of paper flowers, I have a photo of myself on summer vacation that year actually wearing an orange and yellow flowered paper dress. I cut the hem and made it really short, so I had leftover paper that I made into a headband and earrings. (They took those dresses off the market after discovering they burst into flames anytime they got near a cigarette - glad I wasn't wearing it smoking at Circle Bowl with Lori Kasper ...)

- Tommy James and the Shondells. Jimi Hendrix. Donovan. Mills Park. And my first concert. Cindy Stewart and I saw Three Dog Night, I think, or maybe Badfinger, at the Auditorium Theater. It cost about $3 each. Funny, I don't remember which band it was, but I very clearly remember sitting on the curb with Cindy, waiting for Dad to pick us up, playing kazoos and laughing our heads off ...

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