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By Deb Quantock McCarey

Contributing reporter/Nature blogger

On Election Night, I "partied" with Barack Obama and his 10,000-plus "ground game" volunteers plus others at the McCormick Place Convention Center.

Yes I did.

How did I get there? Last-minute dumb luck and five Obama for America Get Out the Vote trips on a Democratic Party of Oak Park bus and van to two battleground states in one month. With other volunteers, I registered voters and got out the early vote in Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Milwaukee and Racine.

To double up the odds of a Paul Ryan congressional unseating and vice presidential defeat, not to mention helping Senate hopeful Tammy Baldwin get elected, I went to Racine twice.

Meanwhile, in some Republican yards, Ryan was getting a political twofer: a sign promoting him for Congress and, next to it, a really big one promoting the Romney/Ryan ticket.

That was surreal.

On Election Day, with my 22-year-old son, Colin, and two other loyal local Dems, I traveled in a late-model van back to Racine — all fired up and ready to go.

For me, it was a clear choice.

So on that chilly, overcast Tuesday in Racine, from a local union hall, we stepped into a compact, middle-class neighborhood. In the drizzle, my oldest son and I knocked on the doors of a diverse mix of blue-collar folks, all of whom had already voted, needed info to vote, or weren't home.

At a rectory, we chatted up a socially active, pro-life nun who was undecided, and still praying for political guidance. When we parted ways, she touched my arm and told me how I might have been a sign sent to her from a higher source.

Red to blue? I'll take it.

On our second round of addresses, in an unincorporated, lower-income area of this "union town" on Lake Michigan, a bespectacled, bald-headed vet, a Democrat, regaled us with a delightful anti-Romney rant. He was speaking from an open, second-floor window while on the first floor, through a window pane, we saw his elderly, house-bound dad laughing and pointing up.

When the former military medic in Afghanistan wanted to thank us for our civic service that day, we smiled and thanked him for his.

Finally, following a day that began in the dark, by 8 p.m., oh what a night it became.

In our rag-tag canvassing clothes, and fresh from the trenches of Racine, we arrived at McCormick Place Convention Center, ready to bring this election season home.

Because I am a person with a visual disability, Colin and I were led to a front-and-center, elevated platform. It was one of the best seats in the house. Perched there with us were about 20 other dedicated ground-game players, all of whom were elderly and/or individuals in wheelchairs.

Then it started.

Bam. Iowa and Wisconsin went blue. I jumped for joy.

Soon thereafter, 10,000 American mini-flags wildly waved as we whooped and hollered when pundits reported that Obama took Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, and so forth.

At 12:35 a.m., wobbly legged and blurry eyed, we watched newly re-elected President Obama take the podium. It was worth the wait.

Through it all, until about 2 a.m., a young African-American woman stood nearby with her mobility-impaired dad. As the red, white and blue confetti accompanied the celebration and elevated this historic moment, my seminal moment arrived: Being flanked by the future with my 22-year-old son and a 20-something woman who spent the evening giving me high fives.

Yes, now I do know what democracy looks like. It's them, and it's all of us. Four years from now, we'll be on the bus to bring in the vote for our first female president. No worries. I'll save you a seat.

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Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 3:57 PM

Ray, you are of course entitled to your own opinion, no matter how ill-informed. Thankfully more than 65 million voters, representing 52% of the electorate, apparently disagreed.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 2:36 PM

All of the listed winners are viewed by many of us as failures , Stimulus was a bust., Dodd Frank regulations are not written yet, GM bailout gave the company to the union and screwed the bond holders (Illegal) Did Obama stand tall and say he admits that trillions of dollars were flushed down the toilet? No, it was always the mess he inherited and investments.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 1:48 PM

Ray, you really have to find new news sources. During the campaign the president accepted responsibility for the auto bailout. the stimulus, ACA, Dodd Frank and a whole lot of other stuff. Maybe you should pay attention.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 1:45 PM

@Tom are you an official spokesman for the president? He sure has no history of taking responsibility for anything except the questionable killing of Bin Ladin.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 1:06 PM

The president will happily accept responsibility for the next 4 years provided that the GOP does not engage in the sort of obstructionism that it employed in the last 4.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 1:05 PM

Kind of missing my point Ray. You had previously blamed the deficit spending of the Bush years on the democratic congressional leaders but you now suggest that any failure in the next 4 years are the president's alone.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 1:02 PM

No one forced the job on him! He is more than willing to pound his chest over claimed victories. That coin has another side as well!

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 12:36 PM

Ah the cognitive dissonance of the right. Just hours of blaming the deficit spending of the Bush administration on the Democratic leaders of Congress, Ray now suggests that everything that happens in the next 4 years will be Obama's fault.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 12:27 PM

You guys won! You own all of the marbles! What happens in the next 4 years will be the Obama legacy. Bask in your glory - - until the roosters come home to roost. You got a Mulligan and I hope you don't squander it. Benghazi is still in the oven. Every revision of time lines makes the lies more obvious.

People First  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 11:01 AM

President Obama is trying to pay for two wars that Bush deliberately kept off the books. During wartime, Americans have always been asked and were willing to sacrifice, Bush advised us all to go shopping. Our military and their families sacrificed.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 10:54 AM

Oh and Ray, I was not alone in re electing our president. I was joined by 62, 611, 249 other Americans as of today. (His vote totals continue to increase).

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 10:52 AM

As for small business not having a seat at the table, they are well represented by the Chamber of Commerce and a bunch of other trade groups in DC. Much as how workers are represented by the Teamsters.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 10:40 AM

Ray did you object to the deficit spending of the Bush Hastert Frist years as well? Medicare Part D, the largest expansion of entitlements since Medicare itself. Or did you object to the tax cuts in a time of war?

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 10:05 AM

@Tom - You elected this guy and you now want to blame everyone else for HIS ECONOMY. Yes, I did object to mindless spending by the Bush Pelosi Reid binges. President Obama would rather not think about the economy and his recent efforts seem to be directed toward union contributers and big corporations who support him as well. The small business owner, who generate the majority of new jobs, has no seat at the table and are included in the filthy rich category. Not a clue. When the teamsters union head has more access than the guys who create jobs - we have a real problem.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 9:34 AM

And Ray, why is it that the GOP only worries about the debt when a democrat is in the WH? Cheney famously said that deficits don't matter. Did you disagree with that statement during the Bush presidency?

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 9:33 AM

As for the debt, why do you only hold the president responsible? The current deficit is a product of legislation approved by both houses of congress.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 21st, 2012 9:32 AM

Ray, the only CEO's who are saying that are gasbags with a political agenda. You should note that both Papa Johns and the Dennys franchiser have since backed away from their initial claims.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 8:43 PM

@Tom - CEO's are saying that they are not growing their companies because of Obama Care, Regulations, Tax policy, Debt and absence of leadership from the White House. If that is true how can it be anything else but Obamas fault? Remember, jobs are the result of companies becoming profitable. Employees are a resource that add to the company and it's profitability. No employer makes decisions based upon hiring people as an end. Grow your company and you will need more people.


Posted: November 20th, 2012 8:40 PM

@MO. True, but overlooks that we just had an election where Obama focused on Identity Politics, Sandra Fluke, and demonizing Bain + Ryan's budget. Obama offered nothing regarding the fin'l crisis and Reid hasn't had a budget in 3yrs. Sadly, it worked

MichaelO from Oak park  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 7:51 PM

It's our fault. All of us. The mom and pop mortgage brokers, the borrowers who had no business borrowing and especially the greed monkeys who profited from our naivete. We all have to fix it.


Posted: November 20th, 2012 5:15 PM

U-6 Unemployed of 15%, a record of nearly 50M Americans on food stamps, 16T in debt, annual deficits EVERY year for Obama of $1T, 50%+ of college grads under 25 un/underemployed, etc. And Tom thinks that Obama is great +/or it's Bush's fault. Nice.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 1:58 PM

All and all, your kids not having jobs is not Obama's fault.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 1:57 PM

In the end, this was the second most severe economic downturn in the last two centuries. Obama's early policies saved it from getting worse and then the republicans impeded him from doing anything else.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 1:51 PM

Next, the Republicans in congress stood in the way of the The American Jobs Act that the president proposed.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 1:50 PM

Mr. Nevins, First of all, from 2d Q 2010 on the private sector added 5.4 million jobs so I defy you to point to any regulation that is impeding job growth. Right now, the biggest component of the economy that is lagging on jobs is the public sector.

Michael Nevins  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 1:12 PM

BTW, I now have two kids in college myself and so am quite aware of the problems and challenges confronting this, as Unfortunately put it, "Lost Generation." I'll throw in their parents, too!  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 1:07 PM

@Tom. Not only did Obama run a campaign with no policies or proposals regarding the dismal job market, or have anything from the previous 4 yrs to run on, but his rules, regs, Obamacare, etc. are scaring businesses. Ergo, job market for grads stinks!

MichaelO from Oak Park  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 12:41 PM

rj, What are you on about now? Your quotes are all over the place. John Adams? Jefferson? What's your point? Oh, hell. Never mind.


Posted: November 20th, 2012 10:49 AM

"The question before the human race is whether the God of nature shall govern the world by his own laws or whether priests & kings shall rule it by fictitious miracles." John Adams to Thomas Jefferson


Posted: November 20th, 2012 10:34 AM

Haptic- Your Madison Ecclesiasticsal establishments... quote- Clearly a distain for organized religion yet w/o natural laws, God given, Creator endowed, no civil society could exist as they're the code of American law in harmony with same.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 10:17 AM

Unfortunately, what policy that is specifically attributable to Obama allegedly caused the unemployment of recent college grads?


Posted: November 20th, 2012 10:10 AM

Haptic, here is my "problem," per AP -"About 1.5 million, or 53.6 percent, of bachelor's degree-holders under the age of 25 last year were jobless or underemployed". Obama means 4 more yrs of this. Health Ins is small solace for her unemployed son.

Ned Ryerson from River Forest, Illinois  

Posted: November 20th, 2012 8:02 AM

Yes, you did. And, now we all pay for it. Now I know how you all felt for the re-election of George W. Bush. I cannot wait for this to be over.


Posted: November 20th, 2012 12:04 AM

Again, John Locke, 1632-1704, the father of classical liberalism quite the opposite of today's contemporary liberalism. He gave the founders the basic foundation of our Constitution. Liberal then meant liberty from govt. now it means govt almighty.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 11:47 PM

continued- Thomas Jefferson - "Religion, as well as reason, confirms the soundness of those principles on which our govt has been founded and its rights asserted."


Posted: November 19th, 2012 11:42 PM

Haptic-you have it reversed-govt is not to intermeddle with freedom of any religion. My mention of God/higher being/conscience was meant on a personal level of decision making, not government. Cont'd


Posted: November 19th, 2012 11:25 PM

Who said, "Ecclesiastical establishments tend to great ignorance and corruption, all of which facilitate the execution of mischievous projects."


Posted: November 19th, 2012 11:20 PM

(continued from last post) "I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality." Who said it, genius?


Posted: November 19th, 2012 11:18 PM

Founding fathers not liberal? Who said, As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. (continued)


Posted: November 19th, 2012 11:17 PM

UF, I'm sure her son realizes he's voted for the guy who made it possible for him to have health insurance until he's 26. I had trouble finding a job after college. Didn't last. What's your problem?


Posted: November 19th, 2012 11:13 PM

Our Constitution says God or gods be left out of government policy decisions, which was clarified by Thomas Jefferson's wall of separation between church and state.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 9:59 PM

There's no denial of science & math but take out the equations of a God or higher being of your choice & or some common sense to go along with your conclusions & things can go very wrong very quickly- you can't deny we've lost our moral compass.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 9:49 PM

Haptic, Tom, PF...please stop fixating on Mr. Simpson and Fox News and address my comment about the writer and her unemployed college son. His status, shared by many of his peers, should be the focus of your attn. "Light" instead of "heat." Please.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 9:31 PM

COBRA likens OCare to G run Post Office & DMV, only worse. Standing in an OCare line can kill you. Rationing by death panels (IPAB), not health professionals, will decide to withhold care based on stats from liklihood of survival analysis & cost.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 8:56 PM

O signed an executive order bypassing Congress, LOST #13547 issued July 19, 2010 extending federal powers, embracing global governance, diminishing rights & privileges of individuals, bringing US into compliance w/Agenda 21, Chapter 17.6.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 7:47 PM

Hey geniuses or genii-Can you google Interview w/Rosa Koire-Democrats against UN Agenda or Behind the Green Mask-her book. These are things the Goricle doesn't tell you about. Enjoy.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 5:09 PM

Obamacare won't help anyone? Wrong, as usual:

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 4:19 PM

Pretty sure that those Americans currently without healthcare would disagree that ACA is an abomination, but I will accept your ad hominem as proof that you now recognize that the death panel lie was in fact a lie by the Wassilla Liar.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 3:57 PM

Seattlepi reports that the recantation was coerced. I don't know but it is a good story and why was a $125,000 settlement paid? Obama care is an abomination that won't help anyone!

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 3:10 PM

Finally, Ray, the accuser of Elmo's puppeteer has recanted his story. Apparently Fox News hasn't figured out how to spin that story yet.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 3:09 PM

Actually Agenda 21 does exist. It's just a non-binding and voluntary UN agreement on sustainable development. But righties don't know how to Google.

People First  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 3:08 PM

No rants or raves, Ray. Just tried bringing you the facts about Fox News that you had demanded. Of course, you seem to prefer to be poorly informed as witnessed by the fact the charges against Elmo's puppeteer were withdrawn by his accuser.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 3:08 PM

This should be contrasted with for profit insurers which actually have panels that make life or death decisions about what treatments the insurer will cover. Why the lies Ray?

Tom from River Forest   

Posted: November 19th, 2012 3:07 PM

Ray, the death panels are still a lie. The Independent Payment Advisory Board, is a fifteen-member United States Government agency which has the explicit task of achieving specified savings in Medicare without affecting coverage or quality.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 3:06 PM

Fox News ratings are trending downward. The pool of elderly white racist viewers is finite and shrinking.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 3:05 PM

The Politifact take-home is Republicans lie a lot more than Democrats.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 3:04 PM

Did somebody mention Politifact?

People First  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 3:00 PM

More right wing baloney. Agenda 21 is an extremist conspiracy theory that's funded by the John Birch Society, the Koch brothers and fossil fuel industry. Better for you to read "Witness to a Crime" detailing GOP attempts to steal national elections.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 2:58 PM

@ People First - 2 claims of lies, both are turning out to be true statements. 2009 Palin and Death Panel - we now find out that 17 unelected bureaucrats will determine what treatment is authorized - sounds like a death panel to me. 2010 was the claim that government was taking over health care. Recent information gives the FOX reporting more truth than fiction. has a record of questioning Conservative Republican honesty 4 times more often than Democrats. Fair and balanced? You can rant and rave all you want, but FOX's Neilsons are head and shoulders above any other cable news outlet. Why? Because they offer the largest audience the information they want and those same viewers support their advertisers. Free market at work. If you find their content repugnant - don't watch. Big bird is still on - stay away from Elmo since the guy with his hand up Elmo's backside is rumored to be a pedophile! Tax dollars at work!


Posted: November 19th, 2012 2:47 PM

Link got cut off:


Posted: November 19th, 2012 2:44 PM

Once again, project much? We're not the ones who deny reality, science and now math and statistics. We don't need to unskew anything.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 2:34 PM

You lefties live in a bizzaro world of lies and omissions & offer it up to yourselves as an elixer of deluded truth. By winning the day you have lost the country & you're too ignorant to give a damn. Project? Here's one for you-try Agenda 21.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 1:09 PM

Fox News Viewers less informed than others:


Posted: November 19th, 2012 1:07 PM

Fox News knows it's playing folks like the V.I. and his buddies:

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 12:58 PM

@Tom- you prove my point! The vote count has nothing to do with what Obama stands for - it reflects herd mentality ( My opinion ) Have I ever called you guys Marxist or Commies or Statists - NO so why are we wingnuts? School yard name calling? You bet!

People First  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 12:56 PM

You asked for it, Ray. Fox News was cited for Lie of the Year in 2009 and 2010 by Politifact. Both were for the network's reporting on the affordable health care act. I guess you were never told that during your Fox News parrot training classes.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 12:31 PM

rj, project much?

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 11:18 AM

Ray, Obama won because he received 62,611,250 popular votes and 332 electoral college votes compared to 59,134,457 and 206 for Romney. Do you wingnuts really believe that 3.5 million votes for Obama were fraudulent? If so, I truly pity you.


Posted: November 19th, 2012 10:49 AM


Posted: November 19th, 2012 10:47 AM


Posted: November 19th, 2012 10:46 AM


Posted: November 19th, 2012 9:50 AM

Ray, The left has an innate tendency to shut down free speech. Truth to them is like sunlight to a vampire. It's just not in their DNA to be rational & accept that they're juvenile & wrong on many issues. Fox does a good job in pointing that out.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 19th, 2012 6:55 AM

@People First I have given some thought to your contributions and have come to the opinion that you never add to the conversation, but only subtract from it. You tell us that FOX news lies, but cannot prove it. You cannot tell us why your guy won, but only why our guy lost. You counter logical difference of opinion with school yard name calling and personal slurs. Your glass is never half full, but always less than you feel entitled to. No one here expects substitutive comments from you that add to the discussion, but rather a diatribe of negative baseless name calling. I have met Ken Trainor and like him as a person. We agree on very little but both respect each others right to an opinion. You might try to work toward those kinds of relationships.


Posted: November 18th, 2012 10:30 PM

I see the V.I. and Co haven't learned a thing.


Posted: November 18th, 2012 1:18 PM

PF-Since you're an admitted Fox viewer - Michael Moore says you have de-volved but what does he know-he's on suicide watch - no more twinkies. Of course I don't give a damn what MM thinks, just thought you might!


Posted: November 18th, 2012 12:14 PM

PF - Of course not-only way he could win! The dodo who watches Fox News!

People First  

Posted: November 18th, 2012 11:55 AM

Voter fraud? No evidence to support such nonsense. Typical Fox News parrot.


Posted: November 18th, 2012 10:46 AM

I had two customers from Amsterdam in Chgo for a week, who got on a bus to Iowa, went door to door for O, ended their day at McCormack Place & I wouldn't be surprised if they got their vote or two in somewhere along the O voter fraud way.


Posted: November 17th, 2012 6:39 PM

DM's 22-yr old son, as per her previous column, is an unemployed college grad - who just worked to re-elect a person who has overseen the cont'd crushing of the new "Lost Generation." Does he realize what he's done? At least Sandra Fluke is happy!

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 17th, 2012 5:03 PM

@DMc - on the bus for our first female president? Isn't old crazy Joe Biden next in line? He has said he wants the job! God help us. The last four years have taken a toll on Hillary's looks and the lifts have fallen again. If she decides to run Bill will make BHO's life a living hell.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 17th, 2012 4:35 PM

Herman Cain claimed he was an American who happened to be black. That is putting priorities in the correct order. PF - How am I being rude? I don't agree with anything you believe, but, I have never put you down for your beliefs. I have defended your right to be a jerk if you so choose.

Violet Aura  

Posted: November 17th, 2012 2:08 PM

Let me see if I have this straight: all you care about are melanin & vaginas? As long as an "African-American" (God forbid saying a BLACK American) is President, it's all good? Even one who signed NDAA & ordered drone attacks which have killed kids?!


Posted: November 17th, 2012 12:20 PM

Jackie doesn't know "liberal" (John Locke) meant natural right to life, liberty & property & Big G must not violate these rights- We need to take back "liberal" before it was hijacked post war & call them what they are today-cpusa.

People First  

Posted: November 17th, 2012 12:04 PM

You've got some nerve, Ray Simpson. Scolding Jackie for what you perceive to be rudeness while posting your own snide comments is shameful. This naughty,old parrot act you've picked up from watching Fox News is a flop. Give it a rest, please.


Posted: November 17th, 2012 11:17 AM

Jackie is not only rude, but also a bully and ignorant. Romney received 16% of the vote in OP, but she thinks that it's "fun" to stomp on the minority. Further, is there any one who believes that our "Founding Fathers" were leftist?!? Good grief!

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: November 17th, 2012 10:44 AM

@jackie- I am glad to see that you are just as rude and obnoxious to rj as you have been to me in the past. You might explore the street meaning of "teabagging" before you hang that pejorative on a fellow citizen. Unless of course it is true and you have first hand knowledge.


Posted: November 17th, 2012 9:42 AM

Hey, rj--the Founding Fathers were leftist, you tool. Our nation was borne of the liberalism you denounce. You are typical of the Fox windbags and tea baggers who know nothing of the constitutional foundation of this nation.

Bruce Samuels from Oak Park  

Posted: November 16th, 2012 10:41 PM

It's about time you stopped obsessing about Nader and worry about our civil liberties that are being destroyed by THIS president and the environmental and war problems, including the drones that are killing hundreds of innocent people.

Bruce Samuels from Oak Park  

Posted: November 16th, 2012 10:35 PM

Grudge: Facts about FL in 2000. 1.Ten parties were on the ballot 2.Several million people did NOT vote 3.Some of Nader's voters would not have voted and 30% would have voted Bush. 4. The recount was stopped by the Court-Gore may have actually won


Posted: November 16th, 2012 8:22 PM

We're a Constitutional Republic. Our Founders were wise enough to construct the 3 branches to ensure gridlock-limited govt. It's too bad leftists never could grasp the concept- today more takers than makers. More gridlock!

Joe from South Oak Park  

Posted: November 16th, 2012 7:07 PM

Well democrat maybe there were close to a 100k people that don't like the approaches that either the Democrat or Republican parties are taking. The two party system isn't written into the constitution. A coalition government ease the gridlock.

Democrat with a grudge  

Posted: November 16th, 2012 4:34 PM

Bruce, are you saying it's a myth that 97,488 handed their vote to Nader in Fla in 2000, a small fraction of which could have won the election for Gore? It's a shame that the Bush years will be Nader's and the Green Party's most noted legacy.

People First  

Posted: November 16th, 2012 2:53 PM

Wrong tag. MSNBC is not available with the tier service we receive via Comcast. I do tune in Fox News and that's how I'm aware of the source responsible for the parroting that gets posted on this forum. Sounds like you've been very well trained.

Bruce Samuels from Oak Park  

Posted: November 16th, 2012 2:46 PM

D with grudge: How long will you hold on to a myth? Gore chose a hawk for a VP, who subsequently, left the party, ran against an anti-war D and defeated him. If Nader had been elected we would have had no wars and a jobs program.

OP Resident # 545 from Oak Park  

Posted: November 16th, 2012 2:28 PM

Wow,People First-MSNBC parrot, sorry, you don't now get to claim support for the troops. Not if you've ever voted for Sen Dick "our soldiers behaved like Nazi's" Durbin, & not if you didn't support their mission in the 1st place.

Democrat with a grudge  

Posted: November 16th, 2012 11:34 AM

If a fraction of the 98,000 Fla voters who went for Nader in 2000 instead voteful productively against Bush and for Gore, we likely wouldn't have had an Iraq War to begin with.

People First  

Posted: November 16th, 2012 10:47 AM

Count me in, Bruce. Our troops deserve the support of all Americans. Regardless of how you feel about US engagement in Iran and Afghanistan, the wars have had a significant impact on military personnel and their families.

Bruce Samuels from Oak Park  

Posted: November 16th, 2012 8:42 AM

Yes, and I hope that first female president is Jill Stein. Not only will she bring all the troops home and care for them, but thru the Green New Deal they will have a job and a meaningful one at that. We need an FDR type CCC/WPA program.

People First  

Posted: November 15th, 2012 7:02 PM

Wow! Two Fox News parrots appearing together. Both are blabbling the same silly nonsense. The rest of us are focused on our troops finally coming home and finding a government prepared to honor their service with real support. Hurray for the USA!


Posted: November 15th, 2012 12:16 PM

People First-Check out today's jobs report, 436,000 new filings for unemployment. Yes he did! I don't have to watch Fox News to be their "parrot." Is that the best the other side can do-Call people names? You get what you pay for.


Posted: November 15th, 2012 11:24 AM

Liberalism is a mental disorder- you're not capable of processing a reasoned thought. Very sad!

People First  

Posted: November 15th, 2012 11:19 AM

Typical Fox News parrot. Commenting on issues without having any idea of what is accurate and factual. The most misinformed viewers in the nation continue to babble nonsense while demonstrating a complete lack of a reasoned thought process. Sad.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: November 15th, 2012 11:17 AM

Checking in to get my daily dose of republican tears. Nothing is so refreshing. And Nobama, why no complaints about the more than 3000 Americans who died in Iraq?


Posted: November 15th, 2012 10:52 AM

Be proud! Obama is nothing w/o his army of useful idiots. You're the same people who would have followed Jim Jones to Guyana in '78-same cause- socialism vs capitalism-same cult mentality. We know how well that turned out.

People First  

Posted: November 15th, 2012 10:35 AM

You sound like a very distressed parrot, Nobama. Fox News obviously fed you too much baloney and that can be very difficult to digest.


Posted: November 15th, 2012 10:26 AM

Yes we did-relect a person who presided over, and then participated in covering up, the disaster in Libya where Americans were killed.


Posted: November 15th, 2012 10:25 AM

Yes we did-start to cause businesses to layoff employees, reduce employees to part time status, and recently have restaurant's add "obamacare" surchages to our tabs.


Posted: November 15th, 2012 10:24 AM

Yes we did-send the stock market into a free fall that has continued since election day.

Country Joe from Upstate New York  

Posted: November 15th, 2012 10:22 AM

I remember Deb from Woodstock. Deb could party hardy as we use to say back in the day. I will say I do not see a female president in the near future, perhaps 20 or 30 years down the road.

Tara Schaafsma  

Posted: November 14th, 2012 5:21 PM

Fabulous story, love it!

Bob W. from Oak Park  

Posted: November 14th, 2012 4:47 PM

Great job Deb and thanks for sharing your story (and pay no mind to the bitter cynics).

Carol from Oak Park  

Posted: November 14th, 2012 3:54 PM

Great work Deb! Great story, and how wonderful for you and your family to be in attendance at McCormick Place.

Tea Bagger Cry Baby  

Posted: November 14th, 2012 3:23 PM

wah waaaah wah waaaah waahhh

OP Resident # 545 from Oak Park  

Posted: November 14th, 2012 3:08 PM

Four years from now, we'll likely be in a Greece-like fiscal free fall due to the unmitigated incompetence of the Current Occupant & his sycophantic minions. Thanks, for nothing. The takers win again. The makers may not save you this time.

Anne Jordan-Baker from Oak Park  

Posted: November 14th, 2012 11:13 AM

Thanks so much to you and Colin for your work to get this done and to share your story in the Wednesday Journal. What an experience!

Chuck Izzo from Algonquin  

Posted: November 14th, 2012 8:40 AM

Deb, What flaivor of Kool Aid was served? Let's hope Michelle can be the first female Black President!! Then you can go party and do high fives again. You go get'em gurl!! Chuck

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