Alien air strip at the high school?

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Walking along the 200 block of North Scoville recently, a friend pointed out the strange markings on the street in front of OPRF High School's main entrance. The markings consist of approximately eight progressively wider white horizontal bars capped off by two large chevrons (double arrows) facing south, which is the direction this one-way street flows.

Naturally we wondered, "Is this some sort of alien air strip?" That would certainly explain a few things around here. At the very least, it would confirm many parents' suspicions that adolescence is a metaphor for "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers," wherein their once-delightful offspring seem to have been temporarily kidnapped, then magically returned at some point during their 20s.

Maybe the alien aircraft are kidnapping (get it? Kid napping?) them along Scoville.

Uh, no, said Village Engineer Jim Budrick. The markings are merely meant to warn drivers that they're approaching a "speed table," a section of raised pavement, so they'd better slow down if they don't want their scalps to scrape the ceiling. The speed table was created during last summer's street reconstruction work to give pedestrians a level crossing area, sidewalk to sidewalk, at Ontario, where you'll notice there are now no curbs (curbnapped!).

The village also installed a speed table across the new Marion Street where it connects with Westgate. They didn't paint the alien air strip ... um, street markings ... there because it's a two-way street and the change is more subtly marked by a change in color and material.

The OPRF landing strip is the first one in the village. It's a test pattern, so to speak, though Budrick says they're fairly common in Europe.

Were we the first ones who noticed?

"The first who noticed and asked," Budrick replied (presuming that was really Jim Budrick we talked to on the phone and not some alien invader).

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