Illinois State Rep. Camille Y. Lilly

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A life-long resident of Chicago's Greater Westside, Camille Lilly has devoted her life to community service, economic development, and public health advocacy.

A graduate of Hatch Elementary School and Oak Park River Forest High School, Lilly went on to receive her Bachelor of Science in Management and Marketing from Drake University, and her Master of Hospital Administration from Oklahoma University.

As the founder and former executive director of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Lilly understands what it takes to bring jobs to our area. Lilly is committed to improving our infrastructure, exploring ways to attract companies, helping small businesses start up, and providing crucial job training opportunities for our youth.

Camille spearheads the community Health and Wellness Screening Program at Loretto Hospital, helping save lives by implementing preventative measures and informing citizens of local health care resources. As an active and concerned citizen, Camille, through the local park district, helped design and implement a playground for physically disabled children. She developed the Beth-Anne Life Centre campus, revitalizing a low income neighborhood by constructing a facility for senior citizens, a daycare, the Westside Performing Art Center and a small business incubator. She led the Austin Banner Program, promoting local businesses, and took the initiative to bring in several new and still thriving companies through the Lake and Central Redevelopment Project. She also took action to create the Austin Chamber of Commerce Summer Youth Program - which has created valuable career experiences for over 5,000 local students.

Camille Lilly is an active leader in our community and will be a strong and independent voice for progress and much needed reforms in Springfield.



Volunteer opportunities daily

  through March 20th, please call 708-660-9120 for more information or to sign up.
Phone Banking; Canvassing; Letters to Friends; Yard Sign; Window Sign; Office Help; Letter to the Editor; Fundraising; Personal Endorsement; Election Day. 



Dear Friend
Thank you for supporting my campaign for State Representative.

As you may know, there are only 42 days left before the election! One
of the quickest and easiest ways to get involved is to participate in
my Friends & Family letters program.  (If you have already received
information on this, please try to send it back soon- we don't have
much time!)

The program is very simple.  First, I ask that you sign a letter of
support endorsing my candidacy. Then, you can chose who you'd like to
receive the letter. My campaign will print, pay for postage, and send
them out. We will never use your contacts for any other purpose.

I attached a document called "Friends&FamilyLetters" which includes:
1)  A sample letter.
- You can check the box to use this letter, or of course, you’re free
to write something all your own.
- Please fill out the information at the top of the letter so we can
personalize your own stationery.
- Please sign in the box at the bottom of the letter and we will scan
your signature into all your letters.

2)  A form for you to list letter recipients.
- You can write in names here, or you can email us a contact list,
make copies of a Christmas card list, board member list,cookout invite
list, neighborhood directory, school list, church list, etc.
- If you live in the district, call my campaign to get a list of your
neighbors for you to circle, saving you time looking up addresses.

3) Maps of the new 78th House District, which will help you see what
areas I represent and therefore, which friends and relatives to

The goal of the Friends and Family Program is to contact as many
people as possible, so I truly appreciate your help!! I also included
a reminder for my upcoming fundraiser this Thursday. If you have any
questions, please call my campaign at (708) 660-9120, or email I look forward to celebrating our
victory together on March 20th!

 Click Here To Down Load Friends&FamilyLetters.pdf

Camille Lilly
State Representative -  78th District

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Posted: March 13th, 2012 12:06 AM

Anyways. I have been pretty satisfied with Lilly. I was not happy with the tax give away to Sears and CME, etc. While we are shutting down mental health facilities, but that is what Springfield is deciding. But other than that I think she is doing a decent Job.


Posted: March 13th, 2012 12:04 AM

@ Chris, Shouldn't you vote for someone based on whether they will do good or not? How were the volunteers to know your children are sick? Pardon me, but 8:46 pm is not that late... Most campaigns discontinue calls after 9 pm. I see no problem. Again, its unfortunate that your children are sick, but that isn't the volunteers fault. I would hope you wouldn't make such an important decision like voting, based on a phone call at 8:46 pm...

Chris Koertge from Oak Park, Illinois  

Posted: March 6th, 2012 9:37 PM

I want to vote for you, but calling my house at 8:46PM is unacceptable. I have two small children, one currently sick, who need their sleep. Your campaign volunteers made my night very, very difficult by waking them with their call. My wife is currently STILL downstairs trying to get a hysterical two year old back to sleep. I realize you have a legal right to call even those registered on the National Do Not Call list, but you should be aware that you're not making friends in the community with the late campaign calls that your volunteers are making. Late calls reflect poorly on your sensibilities and you may have lost two votes tonight.