Dr. Mary Ann Bender

Advanced Physical Medicine Podiatry

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After working for a large podiatricgroup practice on the far SouthSide of Chicago for the last eightyears, I have always longed to work inmy own community of Oak Park (tenyears and counting). After the birth ofmy daughter last year, I realized I hadthe perfect opportunity to decreasemy commute; so I opened my podiatrypractice at North and Woodbine in Juneof 2009.I came to podiatry as a result ofcompetitive figure skating. Skaterstypically wear a size, sometimestwo, smaller than their conventionalshoes. As you can imagine, thatmeans the skater's foot, specificallythe toes, suffer. I trained as acompetitive figure skater for nineteenyears, and the result has been severalsurgical procedures, most recentlythree years ago while working asa Podiatrist. A fellow Podiatristperformed the procedure on a Fridayand the following Monday I was backat work, wearing a surgical boot andtreating patients who were more thana little amused that the doctor wasalso a patient. But their amusementaside, the additional benefit to mypatients is that I know what it is like tohave serious foot problems, and moreimportantly, how to effectively andcompassionately help my patients healcomfortably with or without surgeryand recover with minimal disruption totheir everyday lives.My dream of opening a business inmy community is now a reality, and Icould not be more excited and eager toshowcase my skills and services to thepeople in my community. The feet aretruly the foundation to the entire body,and happy feet lead to happy people!

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