Many thanks to the Village of Oak Park Public Health Department for featuring “Safe storage of firearms required” in the most recent OP/FYI newsletter. A focus on prevention of unintentional shootings, gun suicides, child access to guns, and gun theft, is vital to our community’s well-being! We expect safe storage practices of gun owners. Yet, it takes our frequent conversations with each other — those who do or do not own guns — to change our culture by effectively practicing gun safety.

Thank you for listing the Oak Park ordinance expectations of safe storage. I was surprised by the comment about guns left in a vehicle and only a suggested recommendation that they not be in “plain view.” As more than half of stolen guns are stolen from vehicles, a higher level of security in a vehicle is required, such as a gun lockbox anchored to the vehicle frame.

Thanks, too, for listing the easily accessible locations in the village where free gun locks can be obtained: Oak Park’s Public Health Department, Oak Park Township, and the Community Health Board office at the park district’s Community Recreation Center.

Your encouragement of conversations promoting gun safety is greatly appreciated. Thank you for promoting everyday conversations about gun safety, with resources readily available at

We are looking forward to your next article and events promoting gun safety and gun violence prevention!

Lois Thiessen Love
Member, Gun Responsibility Advocates
Oak Park resident

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