Did you ever think about the fact that every place on earth gets very close to the same amount of sun over a full year? [Why not Central Daylight Savings Standard Time? Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, Nov. 8]

I think we at about 40 degrees latitude have it about the best.

I spent some time in summer in Sweden. The sun did not go down until about 11 p.m. and came up about 2 a.m. All that nice sunlight was wasted while I was sleeping. And I would bet that the dark days of winter are depressing.

I have not spent time in the low latitudes or near the equator in summer, but there the sun goes down as early as 7 p.m. They don’t get the long light evenings that we get with sunset at a time you can enjoy it. Our sunsets in summer are also longer and prettier because the angle makes the sun drop more slowly.

So I think we have it best, and I am more than happy to adjust my clock—big deal — in order to have that extra hour of light in summer but in winter to have a little sun when I get up.

Ben Franklin invented Daylight Savings Time. Put me down on his side of the argument.

Bill Dring
Longtime Oak Park resident
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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