I am writing to express my gratitude for all of the efforts of our community to help out the migrant people who have begun to show up in Oak Park. Though we might not have a defined plan, short- or long-term, we have all stepped up in our own way to help out.

Whether it has been donated time, food, clothing, language translations, or consideration for long-term planning or solutions, I am encouraged to be from Oak Park.

I am thankful to our village president for her efforts and all of the trustees in their efforts to work together and come up with solutions. Oak Park again is reacting to a crisis and, even with ups and downs, people are working together to build a community that we all can trust.

My hope is that we continue down this path of commitment, connection, and compassion for all people who come to, live in, and contribute to our community.

Joe Raschke
Oak Park

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