Our school can be best described as a ‘Homeschool in School’ style program. We have a full dynamic Spanish Immersion curriculum and are listed by MENSA as a recommended program for gifted students. We are a small school with only 30 students total between Preschool and 8th grade. What sets us apart?

-Fluency in Spanish Achieved within one year during Preschool years, or within two years during Elementary School years. The Spanish language is spoken throughout as the target immersion language. Academic classes are all taught in English and/or Spanish and English. If weather permits, many of our academic classes are done outdoors.

-Student to teacher ratio: some classes are one on one, two to one, with a maximum of six students to one instructor.

– Daily schedule is customized and flexible.

– Professional and passionate instructors.

– Guest tutors with real life experience.

– No test to enter, no traditional testing.

– Students paired by interest, in mixed age setting.

– Weekly reports sent to parents.

Current subjects, but not limited to, are:

• Penmanship

• Reading/writing

• Math • Science

• Geography/history

• Logic/coding

• Theater (improv, superhero stage combat, musical theatre)

• Martial arts

• Art (including painting, clay art, comic book art and more)

• Music (Rock band, intro to most instrument, harmony, chorus)

• Social emotional discussions/Life skills

• Spanish immersion spoken through out the day and taught in lesson format

• Russian immersion taught in lesson format

• Chinese immersion taught in lesson format

• Intro to Foreign languages (Hebrew, Italian, chinese, japanese, korean, etc.)

• Physical education: Archery/Ice Skating/Soccer, and more

• Chess and board games

• Architectural design

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