Evidently, the WJ’s coverage of the Israel/Hamas/Palestinian conflict really angered some of its readers. The disgruntled retorts to the WJ front page article in question [News, Oct. 25] caused this reader to wonder if any of them understand the basic tenet of honest journalism — that being to present news based on facts, to get a story straight, and be as up-to-date as possible. You know, “comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable.”

The article in question has been accused of being the “most biased ever,” along with “imbalanced” and “inaccurate” and possibly intending to offend Jews in our community.

One letter counted column inches given to the Israeli viewpoint of this horrific conflict versus the Palestinian perspective. Oh, therefore WJ was taking the Palestinian side? No it was not. It was reporting on the most current, factual realities of the matter at hand. Those who want to invoke histories from 2005 to much further back in time to somehow give cover to their vitriol, show their own massive bias as far as what is happening every single day to the Palestinians.

Since the horrific Hamas attack on Israel on Oct. 7, killing roughly 1,400 of its people, Israel has responded by — as of today, Nov. 2 — killing approximately 9,000 Palestinians, including over 3,500 children. It is also nauseating, and infuriating. That is the here and now. This the present, regardless of any historical accounts of either side’s actions. The WJ story isn’t biased. When will you defenders of what is clearly an ongoing genocide be satisfied with this sickening unbalanced response to Oct. 7?

The U.S. has, since 1946, provided Israel with billions of dollars of aid. Both national political parties have rubber stamped this monetary support in that timespan. Joe Biden, almost immediately after the conflict started, pledged more money — and bombs! — to aid the response to Oct. 7. Bombs that cannot distinguish between Hamas militants and innocent men, women and children.

That is the reality and to not see that reality reflects sadly on those who accuse the Journal of being biased. If only the mainstream media would report as honestly on this egregiously one-sided “war” as did Wednesday Journal, maybe Biden and our government might demand a ceasefire.

If only …

Joe Harrington
Oak Park

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