Thank you for publishing the front page story [News, Oct. 25] on the war in Gaza and opposition to it. Thank you for being sensitive to the deep grief and the urgency of the situation facing Palestinians and Israelis.

In a time when people’s voices are increasingly being censored and silenced, it is encouraging to see our local paper stand for freedom of speech and represent journalism with integrity by including community voices who oppose Israel’s policies toward Gaza.

Students all over the U.S. are being pressured to keep silent about their position on Palestine; peoples’ jobs are being threatened because of posting “I stand with Palestine” on Facebook, and Palestinian people are being assaulted and even murdered simply for being Palestinian.

We are a country founded on freedom of speech. Thank you for upholding this right and for publishing a piece that acknowledges the horrors and the genocide that are happening in Gaza, supported by our tax dollars.

Sue Foran
River Forest

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