Thank you for publishing the front page story on the war in Gaza [News Oct. 25] and calling for a ceasefire now. Thank you for being sensitive to the deep grief and the urgency of the situation facing Palestine.

I know there are opposing views, but in a time where people’s voices are increasingly being censored and silenced, it is encouraging to see our local paper stand for freedom of speech and represent journalism with integrity. We are a country founded on freedom of speech. Thank you for upholding this right and for publishing a piece that acknowledges the horrors and the genocide that is happening in Gaza; all paid for by our tax dollars.

I specifically want to thank the two journalists for their writing and their coverage of this urgent issue facing our world.

One thing: There are Christians who support a just peace for Palestine/Israel, in addition to Jews and Muslims! Most major denominations have “PIN” groups — Palestine Israel Networks — who support a just peace with full human rights for all. They are allied with Jewish Voice for Peace and American Muslims for Palestine as well. And we are in touch with Palestinian Christians in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza! Yes, there are Christian Palestinians, too.

Thank you.

Pauline Coffman
Oak Park

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