In recognition of the fact that there are well-meaning persons on both sides of this divisive issue, permit us to submit a few points of view to which most of us might agree:

1.    We can agree that Israel has the right to exist and Palestinians (Muslims and Christians) have the right to live in their own homeland.

2.    We can agree that Israel has the right to defend itself. 

3.    We can agree to condemn Hamas for killing innocent Israelis and yet be critical of Israel to the extent that its response disproportionately kills innocent Palestinians.

4.    We can agree that one can be critical of Hamas without being called racist or be critical of Israel without being called antisemitic.

5.    We can agree that both parties bear some responsibility for where we find ourselves in this conflict. Neither is entirely blameless. 

6.    We can agree that in war there are no winners. 

7.    We can agree that the negative ramifications of this war will continue for generations to come as young Israelis and Palestinians will struggle to cope with the years of conflict they have experienced.

8.    We should be supportive of President Biden and the efforts of the U.S. government to secure humanitarian aid for those suffering in Gaza. 

9.    Discourse and dialogue among our citizenry concerning this conflict can and should be conducted with civility. All views should be treated with respect. 

10.  Playing the blame game and/or claiming victimhood is a waste of our time. It is what it is. We need to focus on solutions. 

We recognize this is a divisive issue, but we should resist efforts to bifurcate ourselves into “Us” and “Them” camps. 

Max & Mary Anne Brown
River Forest

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