We protest your front-page coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Right off the bat, you highlighted two (!) pro-Palestinian organizations. And you, the editors of the Wednesday Journal, know they are pro-Palestinian because you then state that they “have a long history of opposing Israel’s occupation of Palestine.”

So to challenge their point of view and present a bigger picture, “occupation” is not the accurate word here. Israel pulled completely out of Gaza in 2005, displacing Israeli residents and digging up Jewish graves to move them into Israel. Governing was turned over to the group who eventually elected Hamas.

Instead of the inaccurate “occupation,” which sets everyone’s emotions on edge, “blockading Israel’s Gaza border from a hostile — and terrorist — regime” is the accurate description. We remind you and your readers that Hamas’ goal is to literally destroy the Jews and eradicate the state of Israel. 

That is the reason the U.S. must continue to support Israel and its right to exist. We could add that Hamas still has 220 Israeli hostages, an untenable situation for Israel. Also notably omitted is the utter brutality and viciousness with which Hamas murdered innocent civilians of all ages simply because they were Jewish. You mention none of this in your article because you chose to cover only one point of view.

What is happening in Gaza is horrible and tragic. What has happened and is happening in Israel is also horrible and tragic. But, Wednesday Journal, take more care of your community. You did not present a balanced view of this complex, painful situation with which we are all struggling. You oversimplified it by presenting one side. One-sided, irresponsible reporting does not promote peace or safety in Israel, Gaza or here.

Phyllis Rubin, Cindy Klein-Banai, Susan Stephens, Terrie Rymer & Frank Vozak, Bradley & Ellen Shorser, Leonard Grossman, Cindy Barnard, Barbara Yong, Ori Gottlieb, Irena Levitan, Vanessa & Adam Klugman, Rabbi Gary S. Gerson, Carol Roberts Gerson MD, Jeff & Sue Blaine, Cantor Emerita Julie Yugend-Green, Joy Aaronson, Rachelle Tsachor, Cindy Rubin MD, Susan Cicelsky, Jonathan & Marcia Alpert, Stephen & Diane Gelman, Linda & Barry Newman, Rachel Glick, Catherine Bachman MD, Murray Kopelow MD, Liz Simon, Diane Redleaf, Cherise Rosen, Morrie Applebaum

Lori Rothman

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