The Lake & Lathrop project seems to be caught in a previous bad investment repeating loop without end. This is much like that old car you can’t get rid of because you’ve put too much money into it and you don’t know when to quit.

Time to quit.

But heavens! If not luxury condos, then what? Thankfully, there is quite a groundswell of ideas buzzing around social media that I thought I would share with you, dear reader:

Green space – anything from a dog park to a coyote haven. My personal favorite, though, would be community gardens for us condo and apartment dwellers in the neighborhood. Then there was an archery range suggestion along with a skateboard park. Whee! Let’s not forget the ax-throwing range. Climate predictions for the Midwest call for a lot more rain in the future. Might we need a lighthouse then? Or perhaps a waterfall or surfing park?

Too bad the location is too close to a school; otherwise we could have a cannabis dispensary. Those things mint money like nobody’s business. Think of the tax dollars! Contrary to popular belief, people don’t hang around them smoking joints, luring hapless children into a life of drugs. The security is better than you find at liquor stores. They even have gadgets that can detect a fake ID.

How about a French market like they have downtown in the Northwestern train station? Think of all the yummy options: rose petal jam paczkis, Belgian fries, French patisserie, River Forest chocolates, and a flower stall. The possibilities are endless. How about a green roof garden where you can hang out and munch on your purchases? Or maybe a green courtyard instead with solar panels on the roof?

I’d like to think our elected officials are neither stupid nor corrupt, two alternatives that would account for their continued faith in a guy who keeps letting us down. No, I’m thinking just hopelessly naïve. Kind of like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football. I think the phrase you are looking for is “Oh, good grief!”

Louise Mezzatesta
River Forest

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