Good news, indeed, for her to be joining our gem of local journalism, Growing Community Media. As a subscriber since Wednesday Journal’s earliest years, I feel fortunate to brag a bit about one of the best local newspapers I’ve encountered in many years of wide-range readership.

Helmed by a dedicated and fair, yet gutsy publisher and his staff, Wednesday Journal has matured from a humble beginning into a remarkable, respected, award-winning bearer of local news and opinions, while retaining its somewhat quirky personality. I’ve watched noticeably neophyte writers seem like C students for a few years and finally emerge as A+ professionals. I’ve admired strong editorials taking controversial stands in this socially and architecturally elite community, which can be a tad too full of self-esteem.

Not always in agreement, but always in admiration, I salute this treasure in our midst.

May you be successful, and comfortable, and challenged by Wednesday Journal, Ms. Hobbs.

Lauretta Christensen
Oak Park

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