The Aug. 16 Wednesday Journal had a letter from the Chicago Police District 15 Station requesting assistance for the migrants currently being housed at the station house. The author mentions that these migrants are being “sent here by the governments of the border states.”

The migrants should be sent to Illinois. After all, we are a sanctuary state. There are 11 states out of 50 that are sanctuary states. As such, we have put the welcome mat out, and it is our obligation to help those migrants as they wind their way through the path to citizenship. The help includes, food, shelter, medical care, education, etc.

My family and I have helped this cause through various charities. Last winter, I spoke with a number of homeless men and women who were in sleeping bags outside the Oak Park Main Library (It was below zero outside). The individuals I spoke with were not migrants but homeless citizens of the USA.

In closing, I applaud what is being done for the migrants, but can we not make the same efforts for our own homeless citizens?

Daniel Hefner
Oak Park

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