The site of the new Pete’s Fresh Market construction in January of this year. | Photo by Nic McKelvey

In terms of endearing itself to any of its future neighbors or potential local customers, Pete’s Fresh Market has done itself some serious damage by the protracted unexplained construction delay of what purportedly was their plan to build a structure and parking lot at Madison and Oak Park.

Given the degree of silence from Pete’s, can anyone believe this lack of action has solely been a utility issue and not involve some other sort of problem? What is the real story here? Is it funding? Is it a need for soil remediation? Seriously, for almost three years there has been an unattended, horrible-looking fence surrounding an ugly three-block sandbox, during which months of beautiful weather have passed with zero sign of any work being done whatsoever. And zero communication to taxpayers about why there continues to be an ongoing eyesore hole in the ground that we are forced to look at while entire buildings get built with expediency all over town.

Given the amount of largesse extended to the developer here, a degree of candor and effective communication is warranted.

Lynn Grogan
Oak Park

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