The Day Nursery, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high-quality early childhood education, is pleased to announce the appointment of Catherine Eason, PhD, as the new executive director. With a strong track record of leadership, innovation, and passion for early childhood education, Catherine is poised to lead the Day Nursery into a new era of growth and impact.

She brings her extensive experience in early childhood education and has a proven history of advancing early childhood programming and creating positive change within communities. Her deep understanding of early childhood education and partnership will undoubtedly contribute to the Day Nursery’s ongoing success. She plans to expand the organization’s reach and deepen its impact within the community. She assumed her new role on Aug. 7.

“Early childhood education is a critical foundation for a child’s future success,” Catherine says, “and I am committed to working closely with the dedicated staff, families, volunteers, and partners of the Day Nursery to provide the best possible learning experiences for our young learners.”

Under her leadership, the Day Nursery will continue to create a nurturing and stimulating environment where children, ages 2-5, can develop essential skills and a lifelong love for learning. The Day Nursery makes a lasting impact on the lives of young learners and their working families. We will continue to fulfill our mission: providing exceptional early childhood education in an environment that welcomes all children, enhances individual strengths, and fosters the academic, social-emotional and physical development that leads to school readiness.

Michelle Arnold, president
On behalf of the Day Nursery Board of Directors

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