As you know, Chicago is receiving busloads of people seeking asylum, sent here by the governments of border states. Due to a lack of adequate shelter space, many men, women, and children are being housed by the city of Chicago at police stations.

More than 11,500 people have arrived in Chicago since August of 2022. At any given point, there are over 900 people sleeping on floors and being fed at police stations. This is projected to continue into the fall and winter.

Immediate needs of the asylum seekers at District 15 in Austin, such as food and basic supplies, are currently being met by a local self-organized volunteer network called the District 15 Police Station Response Team. Since March 2023, we have provided breakfast, lunch, water, and snacks to these stations (a local nonprofit, Chi-Care, has recently started contributing dinner). All of this is ad hoc — volunteers are required to meet these daily needs.

Without us, the more than 40 women, men, and children living at the Austin Police Station would not have food to eat in the mornings and afternoon.

New people are arriving at the police station weekly, even as others are placed elsewhere. We urgently need additional community support, as soon as possible:

1. Congregations, organizations, or businesses: Please commit to make or purchase and deliver at least one prepared breakfast or lunch per week — approximately 40 servings, starting as soon as possible and lasting until Sept. 15.

The meal can either be prepared at home or secured through a local restaurant, and delivered to the Austin Police Station. Our volunteers have been doing this for months, and we can give you specific guidance and support on what, when, how, and other details.

If you can help: Please contact Betty Alzamora at, to confirm details — day of the week, breakfast or lunch, group, and contact person.

2. Individuals: we welcome financial donations to our Go Fund Me at

Thanking you in advance for your support.

District 15 Police Station Response Network

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