When I think about the Lake & Lathrop development going on down the street from where I live, all that comes to mind is Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football. How many times is the developer going to make promises he can’t (or won’t) keep before our elected officials in River Forest say a loud resounding No! No more!

Let me see if I have this straight: There is a half-million dollars in liens because the developer isn’t paying the bills. The property taxes are delinquent and there is a bank foreclosure, to boot. Many deadlines have been missed. And now it’s time for the village to either grant yet another extension — or just say No!

If the village president and trustees are foolish enough to grant yet another extension, here’s what I suggest to all my fellow River Forest residents: Make it an election issue. Next election, vote everyone out of office who voted in favor of the extension. Vote them out of office, even if the motion did not carry and the developer gets cancelled. Because anybody who votes in favor of yet another extension at this point must be too stupid, or at the very least too naïve, to be in office.

In the meanwhile, I urge my fellow River Forest residents to go to the village of River Forest website and submit a letter to the president and trustees letting them know that it’s time to say No!

Also, I’m thinking that we should rename the site, Stankus Manor Luxury Condos. (For those of you too young to remember that Oak Park debacle, just google “Stankus Hole”.)

Louise Mezzatesta
River Forest

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