Several weeks ago, my wife and I were stopped at a stop sign on Augusta Boulevard facing east. A funeral procession was heading toward us going west. The scene was frightening. Cars from the procession were weaving in and out of their lane into oncoming traffic, honking their horns and flashing their lights. People were hanging out of the cars up to their waist waving their arms and screaming who knows what.

No one was injured at that juncture, but the potential for a serious collision certainly existed. I called the police later and was told this is a continuing problem and that our village officials have not taken substantive action. Some funeral homes notify the village that a funeral procession will be traversing the village. Other funeral homes do not provide this information.

Before someone is injured or killed by this dangerous and reckless behavior, I would like to offer a modest suggestion. Pass an ordinance that requires any funeral procession originating in Oak Park or entering Oak Park to have a parade permit. Make this permit cheap and easy to obtain — an online application with a very small application fee.

Village police would meet the processions and escort them through town. Make failure to obtain a parade permit a very expensive proposition. Hundreds of dollars perhaps. An escort by a police cruiser or a community service officer in a marked car might reduce this dangerous practice.

Daniel Beach
Oak Park

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