In a Wednesday Journal article regarding The Children’s School’s move to their new home at First Baptist Church [News, July 5], it was stated that their move out of the St. Edmund School building was due to the school building being “declared structurally unsafe.”

That is inaccurate.

Most certainly, just like with any of our older homes, there are going to be yearly maintenance, repair, and restoration requirements for that historic and beautiful school building and some of those repair requirements have been recently discussed publicly. However, the St. Edmund school building has been certified annually for use after passing rigorous safety inspections conducted by the village of Oak Park.

It can’t be stressed strongly enough that no one from the Ascension and St. Edmund faith community would ever allow a single day of activity in one of our campus buildings that was deemed unsafe for use.

Tom Wheeler
Ascension and St. Edmund parishioner
Former St. Edmund Parish Council president

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