Thanks to the Go Plastic-Free group for reminding us all in the June 28 issue of seven ways to go plastic-free for Plastic-Free July. Reducing use of plastic, especially single-use plastics, prevents pollution by keeping plastic out of the waste stream and by requiring that fewer raw materials be used. It also saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Sugar Beet Food Co-op on Madison Street is an independent, community-owned, full-service store that offers a whole range of groceries, and anyone is welcome to shop there at any time. Sugar Beet offers many ways to take part in Plastic-Free July for the rest of the month and year-round too. Here are just a few suggestions:

• Bring in your own reusable containers of any kind to shop the bulk department for spices, grains, nuts, tea and coffee, snacks and treats, and more.

• Stop by the café with your reusable drink bottles for coffee and tea, fresh juices, and on-tap kombucha.

• Make a corner of your home a little greener by choosing plastic-free products like laundry or dish soap.

• Compost the produce bags that Sugar Beet uses instead of traditional plastic bags — or bring your own fabric produce bag.

• Choose compostable packaging, like produce clamshells made from plants and paper, and compostable single-use items like straws and utensils.

• Donate to your community with Beet Bucks. Every time you shop, bring a reusable bag, mug, or bulk container and you’ll receive a Beet Buck ($0.05) to donate to a local charity.

• Support local and sustainable companies — Sugar Beet carries products that have the lowest possible environmental impact in production, delivery, and packaging.

Plastic-Free July makes it easy for anyone to make small changes and be part of a plastic pollution solution. Even if you can’t commit to going 100% plastic-free, it’s a great time to discover some alternatives that just might become your favorite new habits.

To learn more about the Sugar Beet’s commitment to community and sustainability, visit or stop in to check it out for yourself.

Katherine Faydash
Sugar Beet Co-op board member

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