The recent article, “Tension arises from Renew My Church merger” [News, July 5], describing the situation at St. Edmund Parish, missed important points and shared only part of the story.

I have been a parishioner for 20 years, a former school board member, and my children attended the school. I am sad and outraged at recent actions on the part of the pastor. The people of the parish are not being heard and in fact have been misled about repairs to the damaged church, the use of its parishioner-funded, recently-restored McGivern Parish Center, and the sudden eviction of the school tenant.

The architectural and artistic significance of this church warrants immediate attention, yet repairs have been intentionally delayed. St. Edmund parishioners have not been invited to the table for discussions involving the use of the McGivern Center. The school tenant was evicted behind the backs, and without the support, of the staff and parishioners.

A cooperative plan for a better path forward has been clearly stated and yet ignored. The Catholic Church can ill-afford to further alienate its members and supporters. Do better, Fr. Carl Morello and Chicago Archdiocese.

Mary Beach Prudence
St. Edmund parishioner

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