Gratefulness! So very grateful for actions taken by our village leadership to reduce the risk of harm from guns in our community.

Thank you, Trustee Brian Straw and Trustee Susan Buchanan for creating the motion for an ordinance on secure safe gun storage and the opportunity for a gun buyback event in the village of Oak Park.

Thank you, Village Manager Kevin Jackson, Police Chief Shatonya Johnson, and Village Attorney Paul Stephanides for promptly responding to the motion by taking action to develop the legal changes required to make that motion a reality.

Thank you, President Vicki Scaman for placing this motion on the agenda.

Thank you, Village Board of Trustees, for discussing issues and differences with compassion and voting to move these important peacemaking changes to our Village Code.

As Oak Park residents comply and take advantage of safe storage requirements and surrender unwanted guns in a gun buyback program, each household will be safer.

Placing safety as a top priority and taking the actions within our control is most appreciated.

Thank you!

Lois Thiessen Love
Oak Park

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