The first time I saw one of the Oak Parkers for Wright-Sized Development signs, I was on my daily bike ride through town. I was on the north side of town and let out a loud “Ha” as I noted the irony of the sign in front of a very large house with a prodigious lawn. The Wright-Sized group formed in opposition to the proposed development at Chicago and Ridgeland avenues.

Situational and verbal ironies abound with this group and the placement of their signage. I can only dream of living in a Wright-Sized property. I have only seen two lawns sporting a Wright-Sized sign that resemble the size and scale of a majority of homes in Oak Park. I’ve only seen one sign south of Lake Street. Where were these people and their movement when American House was proposed and built? How about the Pete’s proposal across from American House on Madison? Belmont Village? The RUSH Oak Park Hospital expansion? 435 Madison? I guess those weren’t in the Frank Lloyd Wright district’s neighborhood.

My neighborhood has been wracked by development and “traffic calming” on Madison with not a peep from any other quarter in the village. When the Plan Commission rejects this project, like they did with the 435 Madison St. building, and then the board also rejects this project, as they are likely to, given the make-up of the opposition, all of us living between South and Jackson boulevards will know that we have been, and continue to be, expendable in terms of development in this village.

Lisa Hoelscher
Oak Park

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