I’m a frequent commuter at the corner of Ridgeland and North, and I read with disappointment that a new McDonald’s is being considered for the old Walgreens site in Galewood.

North Avenue is currently experiencing a surge of interesting development, including a future Rush Outpatient facility, apartments, and grocery store on the former Sears site. East of Oak Park Avenue, new apartments are under construction, and down the road a new credit union has moved into the U.S. Bank facility.

There is reason to think this momentum will continue to generate housing and other positive development along this busy arterial avenue. Fast food need not apply. Already over-represented on many of our streets, fast food may generate revenue, but it also intensifies congestion, noise, and trash. Drive-thrus require extensive paving and curb cuts that limit trees and green space and dumb down the streetscape.

Anyone desperate for a McDonald’s will find several within easy driving distance.

Let’s expect bigger things than a Big Mac for our urban spaces.

Karen Heller
Oak Park

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