The neighbors near Rush Oak Park Hospital have every right to ask for rezoning of the hospital to prevent encroachment. The trustees who voted to not accept the Plan Commission’s denial of their request understood that neighborhoods matter.

As any commission override would require a supermajority, the study session by the board may be another opportunity for the citizens to frame the discussion in a more palatable way for the board.

As for Plan Commission Chair Iris Sims … the appearance of a conflict of interest is valid. Because her husband is on the hospital’s board, albeit unpaid, they must talk about this rezoning situation. To say otherwise is disingenuous. It’s a hospital insider and the chair of a commission who are able to discuss this … outside of meetings. That provides the perception of a conflict of interest, and that’s enough to recuse oneself.

It appears Ms. Sims considers residents the enemy. She needs to learn to step back and recuse herself from this issue. In addition, it seems she has taken the citizens’ actions personally.

I commend Village President Vicki Scaman for stopping Sims from attempting to attack the integrity of the residents.

Robert Milstein
Oak Park

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