Today I finished Ken Trainor’s new book, Our Town Oak Park – Walk with Me, in Search of True Community. It was a total immersion experience into Ken’s wit, wisdom, and unwavering love of Oak Park.

I’ve lived in Oak Park for 39 years and even after all that time, this book gave me a deeper understanding of the history and the people who made our town what it is today.

My favorite piece in the book, if having a favorite is possible, was “Turning Inward” about the month of November with its “ripeness and sadness.” It began with a quote from the Brother Cadfael series by Ellis Peters, an author I admire and a series I’ve read. Ken’s writing is full of literary connections.

I’d like to thank Ken for his incomparable writing, insight, depth, sense of wonder, honoring of history, breadth of knowledge and profound love of Our Town. 

Elaine D. Johnson
Oak Park

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