I am an avid reader. When I’m done with a book, I want to pass it on to another book lover. I’ve discovered, belatedly, a wonderful resource for just that purpose. It’s a Facebook group called (Re)Book Oak Park. You can find it here


When you’re ready to hand off a book, take a photo of the cover (optional), title, author and maybe your own short review. (I tend to include the number of pages and a link to an online review, such as Amazon.)

If someone is interested, they’ll comment on your post. You can arrange with him/her how and when to pick it up. I put mine in a plastic bag and hang it on my front railing. I give the commentator my address when it’s ready to go.

But there’s another “re-book” resource all over Oak Park and probably River Forest and Forest Park as well: the Little Free Libraries people have in their front lawns. Seems that it might be worthwhile to create a publicly available map of the locations of these little libraries.

If it doesn’t already exist, I’d be willing to do that. If you have a little library on your property, provide the exact street address with zip code and I’ll add it to a Google map. You can either message me in (Re)Book Oak Park or send an email to OakParkBooks@proton.me.

Happy reading!

Ron Elling
Oak Park

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