My mother called, alarmed about a report that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can exactly mimic a person’s voice and scam loved ones. This was so alarming, many executives formed a coalition to prevent AI progress for at least six months while problems are addressed.

In the news report my mother saw, a parent received a call from what sounded just like their child, claiming to be in trouble and supposedly being threatened harm. The father was going to bring money for release of his child but the mother suggested to call the child who turned out to be perfectly fine.

I reassured my mother that even though these are today’s horrors, we will be OK, and though it’s yet another thing to terrorize the average American citizen who is just trying to live their life and grow old peacefully, I have seen too many movies. When they say “Come alone,” I would be the person who calls the police and FBI immediately and shows up with a swat team positioned in the bushes with snipers because, according to the movies, those things never end well when you “come alone.”

Another preventable tragedy, the Nashville shooting, is the latest example of what is terrorizing the average American citizen due to our lack of gun regulation. So what is the solution at this point? The alignment of generations and generational change.

Gen X are the edgy adults who had to raise themselves and are one part adult and one-part angsty kid. We bore Gen Z and Millennials who have been empowered by us to make changes in the world and not accept the status quo. Gen Z does not want your stinking job. They are creating their own jobs.

Depending on your Gen X or maybe Millennial path, you know what comes after Gen Z? Gen Alpha. Have you seen them? They are the honey badgers of the Generational kids. As Gen Z is creating organized change with the support of other gens, Gen Alpha is tearing things down and creatively blowing things up. They are the feral future leaders who are protesting in their middle school and early high school years. Gen Alpha are also like your untamable cat who pops you in the face with their paw 10 times in rapid sequence, in the middle of your nap. They have a messy but effective way of going about change.

These gens, working together, are taking action now. This gives me hope that there will be AI reform, gun reform, and education reform. This is the hope I hold onto. Also, when the “pandemic babies” enter the conversation, and are able to make choices, the world will further change, like it or not.

It is like witnessing evolution, with many of them displaying advanced milestones. There is an organic and cosmic plan and process already in the works through these generations. It can’t be stopped. A coalition of universal law and evolution. This is how we can move forward with a patchwork peace of mind, knowing that though it does not seem like it, issues are naturally going to being resolved.

So be at peace. If common sense does not prevail, the universe and the Age of Aquarius definitely will.

EL Serumaga is a resident of River Forest and Founder of

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