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Uncertain how to move forward?

Searching for greater meaning?

Considering whether to open a new chapter in your life?

Seeking to navigate a difficult transition?

Not sure where to turn?

Whatever life is asking of you, I can help you answer that call.

Whether or not you have a spiritual community, focused professional spiritual direction can make the difference between success and failure, flourishing or languishing. Most everyone, at various points in our lives, are in need of help getting unstuck, cultivating life-affirming practices, and clarifying how to move forward with more meaning and purpose.

Spiritual direction is an intentional practice of deep listening in a supportive, confidential space. The practice leads to greater awareness, including the discernment of inner wisdom that too often remains untapped because of how busy and anxious our lives have become. Spiritual direction explores the interplay of one’s inner life, one’s understanding of the sacred, and how one moves—or stumbles—through the world.

A spiritual director makes space for the sharing of pain without seeking to take the pain away but instead provides guidance to notice what possibility or wisdom beckons underneath. Spiritual direction is not therapy, though spiritual direction benefits many people with life struggles that are common in therapy. This is especially so when grief, regret, resentment or other spiritual challenges are impacting one’s relationships with oneself, others, and one’s ultimate concern.

In 2021, the most read and shared article in the New York Times was not about the January 6 insurrection, the introduction of the Covid vaccines, or the faltering of the global supply chains. It was “There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing” by Adam Grant. While mental health can be seen on a spectrum between depression and flourishing, so many of us have experienced a place in between, a sense of stagnation. If you currently find yourself languishing, spiritual direction can make a huge difference in your life.

Let me show you how spiritual direction can work for you. I meet with people online and in-person in Oak Park. Contact me at or at 708-826-0006.

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