I am writing to voice my support for Jim Taglia for village trustee. Our block had been having issues with a Berwyn bar for several years beginning in 2018. There were weekly occurrences of public urination in our front yards, broken glass, empty liquor/beer bottles, drinking/fighting and drunk driving to name just a few of our neighborhood’s issues.

After we would contact the police, we found out they could only do so much as the business was located in Berwyn. We’d contact Berwyn and they’d just be dismissive at best. We all knew that these incidents would just escalate, and that people would get hurt. 

We contacted the mayor and village trustees for help and guidance. The only person to ever contact us was Jim Taglia. He has proven time and again to be a good trustee for the village. Mr. Taglia took it upon himself to contact Alderman Nowak, Mayor Lovero of Berwyn, the Berwyn police and the business owner to come to a resolution to this problem. 

Things never really improved from Berwyn’s side and our frustration grew. We were just an extension of their parking lot. In the meantime, Taglia walked us through our options and was available to answer any questions. Someone was shot on Oct. 18, 2020 at the West Central Seventh Day Adventist Church. This was exactly what we were trying to prevent from happening. Not until then did we hear from the mayor and the rest of our trustees. We were finally able to extend our “no parking” hours and decrease some of these incidents. This resolution would never have occurred without Jim Taglia’s diligence as our village trustee. 

As of late, our Oak Park neighbors have been having similar issues with disorderly conduct, garbage and multiple shootings east of us (Grove, Highland, Cuyler and Ridgeland). We attended one of the meetings. As usual Jim Taglia was there to see how he could help. He has not forgotten about our block. He continually checks in to see how our situation is progressing and to offer his help.

He has proven to us that he has Oak Park’s best interest at heart. He is always available to hear our concerns and his responsiveness proves that. Jim Taglia will continue to serve Oak Parkers well. 

Paul Moore, Oak Park

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