We, the neighbors on the 400, 500, and 600 blocks of North Taylor Avenue, strongly support Jim Taglia for village trustee. Between October 2021 and October 2022, we helped organize the advocacy effort that led to the nighttime closure of gas stations and 7-Elevens between midnight and 5 a.m. Jim’s early response and engagement with us were vital to the successful passage of the new ordinance last September.

Our neighborhood had experienced multiple shooting events over the past several years. We worked to get the village to respond with common-sense changes that would decrease the opportunity for violent events on our blocks, stemming from activity at the gas station at Taylor and Chicago avenues. Our sense of urgency and outrage increased dramatically after the tragic death of Jailyn Logan-Bledsoe last June.

Jim embodies attributes that make him an especially strong trustee. He was willing to meet with us several times during the summer and fall and was always available to answer our questions, share his thinking, and explain the legislative process and protocols of the village board.

He was honest about his stance on various traffic-calming measures we wanted for our blocks, clearly conveyed his principles, and took on a leadership role to ensure that the ordinance closing gas stations for five hours during the night was passed expeditiously.

Being Oak Parkers, we hold different viewpoints from each other on any number of issues, as we do with Jim Taglia. But we also know that he is someone who responds to calls, and emails, and takes his role as trustee very seriously, giving issues and residents the time and care we deserve.

Carolyn Newberry Schwartz, Laura Smith, David Schwartz, Karen Burke, Georgina Swanson, Barb Shulman, Diane Ratekin, Denis Roarty, Karl Leonard, Brad Ferris, Sean Smith, Dan Lesser, Carmelita Nicks, Melvin Nicks, Caitlin Roukin, Kim Vulinovic, Tom Yates, Mary Ann Mason, Sophia Burke, John Norton
Oak Park

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