I am a parent of a current OPRF High School student who is involved in sports at the school. It is embarrassing to see the condition of our facilities. We have seen other high school facilities that are newer, more comprehensive, and in much better condition. I have not seen the pool in years; however, it was in need of a complete overhaul back then. I cannot imagine what it looks like now.

We live in River Forest and choose to live there for many reasons — close proximity to Chicago, high caliber schools with outstanding special education services, beautiful parks and facilities, central location with public transportation options, wonderful houses and neighbors, and a very healthy real estate market. For these amenities, our taxes are on the higher side. It is important that we maintain our facilities, particularly in the schools, to benefit the students and also all residents (to maintain a healthy real estate market). I am in favor of moving forward with the project (Project 2).

For years this project has been discussed and deferred. I applaud the board for coming up with various financing options and their concern for rising taxes for the residents. Now is the time to get started on this project and stop deferring it. We need to move forward instead of continuing to just talk about it. The students and the residents deserve high-quality facilities in the schools. For these reasons, I am in favor of Financing Option 4.

Thank you for all you do in supporting the students and residents of this great community!

Catherine Chavez
River Forest

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